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SMC personnel provide quality control service based on observation and testing of the work of a contractor, subcontractor, or other service/material provider, as specifically requested. These services provide a basis for comparison of materials and or soils to the project specifications and design criteria. We monitor but do not accept, control or direct the work of others. Discrepancies noted by SMC office or field personnel are referred to our client or client's representative.

Field Testing

Field testing is required to check the condition of soils encountered during cut and fill operations. Fill soils and aggregates are checked to determine suitability prior to placement. Soils are also checked at footing grade to verify soil strength prior to concrete placement.

Nuclear Density Testing
Furnish technician and equipment for determination of moisture content and density.

Laboratory Testing
In the lab, grain size classifications are determined as well as maximum density/optimum moisture relationships. Other testing is performed as needed.

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